Daily Logo Challenge

My 50 day logo challenge

I recently finished the Daily Logo Challenge, the project consists of creating 50 different logos in 50 days. Daily, I received an email from www.dailylogochallenge.com with a new logo prompt. Each prompt comes with a few logo name ideas and occasional tips or tricks.

Overall I have really enjoyed the challenge, it helped me to expand my style, I am faster and have great new work for my portfolio.

But ultimately, it was also wonderful to see such positive encouragement, not only from online but in my personal life. I had clients, and my boss commenting on my work and getting involved.

It has not only helped me as a designer, but it’s given me a sense of courage to share my work online. It became the basis for me to start doing my own design work part-time. So I’d recommend it to any designer! I think that is one of the challenges many young designers like myself have, sharing our work online and opening ourselves up to criticism or abuse. But the only way we can develop as designers is by opening ourselves up to these critics and that’s always been one of my main motivations, beat the critics.

Don’t be afraid to share to your work!Get out there and get involved!

If you’d like to see all my logos from the Daily Logo Challenge, click here to check out my Instagram, leave a comment, a like or even a follow!
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